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Paola Lumbroso turns to glass 


For this 2015-2016 season, Paola Lumbroso, installed at Market St-Ouen Flea since 1993, now opens the doors of her gallery of captivating field of contemporary glass. 

His collaboration as associate curator, exhibitions organized in Charenton-le-Pont in 2013 and in Levallois there just six months on the same theme of glass, combined with ever renewed desire to surprise the public, without probably convinced to support the gallery, with the dynamism that characterizes it, creative and promising French glass artists. That collectors can rest assured, however, the ancient ceramics will absolutely not abandoned; there is talk of expanding the existing location to create two distinct spaces, one devoted to the old, the other contemporary. Contemporary ceramics will also be well represented, as will be proposed alternately or simultaneously monthly exhibitions of glass and / or ceramic today. 

The ambition of the gallery is to create an experimental and interactive space where designers, whether independent designers or artists, holders of atypical projects tied to the tradition of beautiful object of art, could find support, meet, and a dialogue different languages ​​and materials. A tour focus on the future that could give new impetus to the gallery. 

The program for the season: Marc Uzan (ceramics) and Pauline BETIN (glass), who will offer for the first, a series of stoneware tiles glazed satin red for the second, a series of pieces inspired air glass paste an industrial universe. Will then Micheline Domancich (glass), Clem (ceramics), Patricia Vieljeux (ceramics), Pascale Riberolles (glass), Bénédicte Montier (ceramics) 


Angélique Escandell, June 2015 



Pauline BETIN exhibition, Marc Uzan 

September 19 to October 19, 2015 

Opening Friday, September 18 at 19:00 

Paola Lumbroso Gallery 

Biron Market Lane 1 - Stand 101 

93400 St Ouen 




Exhibition: from October 31 to November 30, 2015 

Vernissage: Sunday, November 1st from 14h to 18h in the presence of the artist 

Saturday - Sunday - Monday 10h to 18h and by appointment 

Ceramics of Contemporary Artists 

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