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Bol signé Alain Vernis

Plat signé Alexandre Kostanda, année 60

Sculpture Paul Jouve ,art nouveau

Vase de Jean Besnard, année 30

Vase de sèvres, art déco



An address in the heart of St Ouen flea market since 1993, a space dedicated to the great names of ceramics and XIX XXth century (Carriès, Deck, Dalpayrat, Buthaud ... Lurcat, Picasso, Capron ....), the gallery Paola Lumbroso research and buys his collectors, museums and lovers of beautiful objects in -porcelaine ceramics, earthenware, stoneware, terracotta - French or foreign manufacture. 


Since 2002, the French art scene is also represented by contemporary ceramicists and glassmakers are showcased in solo and group exhibitions (see Exhibitions). 


A major destination for international customers with a taste for beautiful things! 


Looking forward to welcoming you. 

Paola Lumbroso